Welcome everyone!

@dtometzki @glb @ramyaparimi @grahamwhiteuk @q5sys @pawelzelawski
(If you weren’t mentioned above but you’re interested in joining the PgM team, you probably didn’t reply to my survey e-mail, but it’s not too late!)

Welcome to our category! I have added you to the pgm-team group on Pagure which grants you access to several repositories. You may have seen some issues being created already. I’m going to spend most of the afternoon today getting everything documented so that we can start doing the work.

Day one and my inbox is already crying for mercy. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I’m going to have to set up a filter to hide those away somewhere.

Email filters are the best thing to happen to email since…ever? But don’t worry, it should settle down after the initial rush. :slight_smile:

Hello! I had a conversation with Matthew Miller earlier and he pointed me to your group. I am a Program Manager in Red Hat Consulting, FSI. I would love to get involved with the Fedora Project if there is any more room for PM types.

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Hi @dminahan, welcome! As you might be able to tell, we’re just getting this started. There’s definitely room, the open question is will there be enough demand to go around. :slight_smile:

Sounds good @bcotton! Let me know how I can help, in any compacity.

Hey everyone, the Matrix and IRC rooms are available and bridged to each other. From the Matrix side, it’s “Fedora PgM” (main address: #fedora-pgm:matrix.org). On IRC, it’s #fedora-pgm. You can join either way (or both, if you really want to, I suppose).

It’s not mandatory to be in there, but that will be the primary place for our team to chat and for people to come chat with us. Because it’s a small channel, we don’t need to be strict with on-topic conversation. It’s fine to chat socially in there. Just remember that the Code of Conduct applies as it does everywhere in Fedora. :slight_smile:

Daniel, have you signed the FPCA? If so, you can log in to Pagure.io and I’ll add you to the team so you’ll be able to watch repo activity. Here are the docs that describe the team. We’re happy to have your help in any capacity.

I am signed up @bcotton!