Training topics

Hey everyone. I just opened the first “Training request” issue in the repo for the Changes process. I invite you to open new issues for things you think you need some training on (there’s a template you can use).

Over the next few weeks, and as more come in, I’ll schedule times for live sessions. Since it’s unlikely that I’ll find a time that works for everyone, I’ll also record them so they’re available if you miss it or want to go back and review later.

Feel free to request anything that you think would be helpful. If I can’t do it, I’ll try to find someone who can. :slight_smile:


I saw a couple of different python scripts that we use on PgM and I’m not even sure which of them we will be using but maybe it’s good idea to make a quick session about them. I haven’t created a training ticket for this as I’m not sure if we need training from those tools.

Good point! Some of them are used in the Changes process, some are used elsewhere. I’m also going to open a couple of other things that we use those scripts for, which should cover most of them. If anything gets missed, feel free to open a ticket after that.

Big news! The first two training videos are live on Fedora’s YouTube channel. I also created a resources page in our docs that has them listed, along with a couple of conference talks I’ve done. Please feel free to add links to other docs, videos, etc, that you think are relevant.