Be sure to spread the word about us

Hey, everyone! I just shared a link to the CommBlog article I published last week on the devel and mindshare mailing lists, as well as in the “Project Conversations” category on Discussion. As you interact with the other teams in Fedora that you participate in, be on the lookout for opportunities for our team to provide support. If we can’t get other teams in the project to ask us for help, there won’t be much to do.

I also sent an email to the co-leads of the Community Outreach Revamp. @ramyaparimi, if the pending Websites and Apps objective would like support, go ahead and open the ticket. (Since you’re a co-lead you’re either the best choice to work with this team or you already have enough on your plate and we should assign someone else. Both options are equally valid.)


@bcotton pending Websites and Apps objective for sure needs the PgM support. I will go ahead and open the ticket, and would love to be PgM for the team as well.


Guys, does someone has contact with Fedora Server team? I saw that they started new initiative with documentation rebuild and was wondering if you know anything?
If not I’ll try to reach them.