Docs meeting agenda: 2022-09-28

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 2022-09-28T18:30:00Z in #fedora-meeting-1

  • Announcements
  • Action item followup
    • None
  • @ankursinha’s improvements for the (see last weeks agenda for details and links)
  • Publish current team page version prepared by @pboy (MR !4): New version of team page
  • Formalize & allocate the task to create new branches for new releases? Forgetting the creation of new branches if no one is responsible can undermine collaboration and hinder other people’s work. (e.g. using tickets (i.a. as reminder), early allocation, determine someone to put it into their calendar, …): See the channel log of yesterday and today, and #883
  • Your topics here!

Note: I opened discussion threads about the
Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: maintenance strategy and
Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: approach & examples (incl. Web-UI install)
→ I suggest to keep it there for now so that everyone who is interested in discussing has time to get into it. I don’t think it is necessary to discuss it already today. So I removed the maintenance strategy as dedicated topic from the agenda.

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I would just like to inform everybody that I can’t participate today due to an appointment. Maybe I can still join in at the beginning. I sit practically “on call” waiting for the arrival of our guests.

I think we should postpone it. @darknao also already said he has no time today. So I guess I’m alone :slight_smile: So let’s postpone this agenda to next week

Oh, I missed darknao’s note. Indeed, we should postpone it, unfortunately.

I think there is nothing urgent atm anyway. :+1:

Well, we have to establish our new page structure until release Oct. 20. That’s not so long. :slight_smile:

I just suggested in the chat to directly merge your current version. We had already an agreement in the past, and in GitLab, both @Darknao and me already indicated today that we are fine with it. So I think we can merge it tomorrow if there is no objection.