Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: approach & examples (incl. Web-UI install)

Hi all,

The new “Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide” is in drafting. This topic is related to Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: maintenance strategy

The index page already elaborates the approach and goals. Therefore, I think it is ready to put it into discussion. I might cut the index a bit down but for the discussion and the beginning, I think it makes sense to have the approach more deeply elaborated to distinguish it from the old release Docs, and to facilitate discussing the approach.

An example page also already exists: BackUp → I already recognized that sometimes upstream Docs do not fit beginner’s needs and often differ in their addressed audience. However, it is still possible to improvise a bit and find tailored solutions. E.g., I think the example-based approach for systemd in the “Automate regular BackUps/snapshots” section of the BackUp-page is comprehensible also to average users.

The Web-UI Guide will be part of the “Workstation and Spins User Guide”: Its pages will be listed (in the current nav.adoc structure) in the category “Choose and install Workstation or spins”. As the category name already indicates, the Web-UI guide will be not just an installation guide but a guide that tackles the whole road up to the installed Fedora (aiming to follow the development of users’ reasoning and satisfying the resulting needs of each consecutive step; that concept fits beginner and advanced; see the approach). It should be also “usable” on itself, not dependent on the “Workstation and Spins User Guide”. So it may be also considered as replacement for the “beginner’s guide” we distribute in printed form on conferences and elsewhere. The latter guide was already one of the incentives for the Web-UI guide. However, it will also serve as full install guide for Workstation and KDE, and maybe other spins in future, providing beginner’s and advanced users with what they need. The approach of the Web-UI guide and its parent “Workstation and Spins User guide” are interrelated but not equal. The current drafting of the approach can be found here: modules/ROOT/pages/WebUI_Install_Guide.adoc · main · fedora / Fedora Docs / Fedora Linux Documentation / Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide · GitLab

The current (but still rough and only indicative) nav.adoc can also be already reviewed.

Of course the git view is not equal to the final look. If you want to have a preview of how the pages would look like atm, check the readme (scroll down to the section “Local preview”), which contains instructions about how to create a local preview.

What do you think about it? Suggestions, alternatives, ideas, issues, … :wink: