Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: maintenance strategy

Hi all,

The new “Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide” is in drafting. This topic is related to Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide: approach & examples (incl. Web-UI install)

To avoid the guide to end up with obsolete content and without trust of the users, we need a maintenance strategy.

I have drafted something that can be found in the repo: MAINTAINER.md · main · fedora / Fedora Docs / Fedora Linux Documentation / Fedora Linux Workstation and Spins User Guide · GitLab

Don’t forget: Fedora’s audiences are already used to make much use of ask.fedora and/or upstream Docs. The gap we have to fill is not that big. But what is in this gap, has to be provided reliably to gather and keep trust of the users. Our community’s agency does not make it very likely that the Docs team or reliable high-quality casual contributions strongly increase, although some improvements in these areas might be fostered by establishing this guide as reliable fellow of Fedora users. Also, do not compare our maintenance needs with that of, e.g., Silverblue: we have to maintain a separated provision and organization for the Workstation (& spins) Docs. Our Docs and our work are not as integrated as that of Silverblue.

My suggested maintenance strategy, outlined and centered in the MAINTAINER.md within the repo, is at the moment a bit restrictive especially in terms of review frequency and alignment of “warning” and “offline” status, but it is something to start a discussion with.

The maintenance strategy will go along with the changed collaboration strategy: focusing direct collaboration & information exchange with the related teams (e.g., Anaconda for the Web-UI). This might be more efficient and flexible, and also save workload for both us and the Workstation WG (which both already widely omit collaboration). Also, the teams might have more interest in promoting their respective tool.

What do you think about it? Suggestions, alternatives, ideas, issues, … :wink:

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