Brainstorming for a possible GNOME RPM Spin

Discussing on topics like:

On the topics above we could point out, that maybe having a Gnome Spin would be a positive Idea.

With this Topic I would like to gather information about the work it needs to do something like this.
I do not want to say pleas do it for me/us. It is more a Brainstorming first for a possible go or no-go.

  • What is needed:
    -probably a new Work Group?

  • Pros:
    -avoid redundancy
    -using existing resources

  • Cons:

This topic is saved as a Wiki. Feel free to add new points/sub-points and make clarifications/explanations as an response below.

I would like do tag it as #AskFedora under Project Discussion as I am a member of it, and because it is not the first time we talked about it in Ask.

I included workstation-wg to get feedback from makers and also would like to avoid any possible concurrency to the existing Gnome/Workstation WG we have. It would be good, to get from beginning on a more simbiosis relationship if there would be once a GnomeSpin-wg.

Also an Idea would be to share workload and avoid redundancy.

a gnome spin k, but fedora already has the default workstation!!!
what i would like is a stock / vanilla gnome fedora with nothing but the gnome-terminal so i can install only what i need.
am really curious…how did i get a notification for this thread even before visiting it?

Check your personal user settings, that is where you configure notifications pref’s

Try Fedora minimal, I don’t know if even Gnome is installed, but it is terminal to begin with and if you want a DE you have to put it all together. Much like the existing SIG’s do for Spins and Labs.

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So basically GnomeOS nightly? I’d like it if it was an atomic spin. I think there are some packages Gnome has on the GnomeOS build that are not included with Fedora ( could be wrong ). Since it would literally be cutting edge, the only thing that makes sense to me would be an atomic build.

i did there aint much to configure, just 1. notify when liked = always 2. live notifications = permission denied 3. notification schedule = unchecked.

my bad, what i meant was a minimal fedora with gnome desktop environment & nothing but the gnome terminal so i can install only what i need. probably an iso for the same.
am aware of the put it all together procedure.

nightly would be kinda like beta right where the iso gets updated daily?

workstation comes with a truckload of gnome apps.

that would just be silverblue minus the bloat.