Long time Fedora user, first time poster

Hey all,

Just introducing myself in here. I’ve been using Fedora on and off for a long time and full-time for a few years now. It’s such a great distribution of Linux! I look forward to interacting more with you all in here!


Did you see this ?

If you like to know more about others … or just introduce you to a wider range :wink:


No I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing it out!

So @calvinistmac what are you doing with fedora :fedora:. Are you using the Gnome desktop?

Nice to hear from you here.

I use Plasma on my main rig and GNOME on my laptop. I’m probably switching back to GNOME on my main rig but we’ll see.

For the moment I’m just using Fedora on a daily basis for my day to day stuff and also to continually learn the Fedora / RedHat side of system administration. My last place of employment let me use Linux on my work rig so I used it there. It made it easy to interface with the other Linux systems there which were Oracle / RedHat based.

I plan on eventually moving my Raspberry PI 4 to Fedora but for now it’s just on Raspberry PI OS.

GNOME on laptop is pretty nice. But it’ll stutter a little bit.