Fedora Chat: Matrix ⮀ IRC Interaction issues

We’re getting ready to launch our new matrix-based Fedora Chat service. This service is bridged to our traditional IRC communications channels on libera.chat. As part of this launch, we’re looking at how other communities have done this. GNOME in particular has a lot of useful experience to share, and I found their tracking issue Ease interactions between IRC and Matrix users useful. In addition to that being a direct resource to look at, I thought it’d be good to have our own such list. So, this post will be that. We can keep this top post edited with a list of known issues with workaround, and discuss in replies.


I’m moving to using @salimma:fedora.im after noticing a lot of lag going from my matrix.org account → Fedora Meeting 1 → #fedora-meeting-1:libera.chat (and IRC back to matrix.org via fedora.im was even laggier).

For matrix.org<->libera.chat bridging, we needed a matching Libera nick and nickserv set up. Is something similar needed for fedora.im usage on official Fedora rooms that are bridged to libera.chat ?


I think you will automatically get a name based on your display name. Like, I was MatthewMiller[m]. To instead link to mattdm (as is right and proper), I did this:


Yeah, you don’t need to do anything special if you don’t want to. You will get a irc nick of your display name. If that overlaps with a registered person it will likely cause issues. Or if you want to keep your irc nick and have it registered follow those directions from kparal.


Ah, it’s ok, my registered nick is already linked to my matrix.org account (and a second one is used via IRC directly). I guess I could register a third just in case and group them, but I plan to use fedora.im mostly for Fedora business anyway.


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Ah, one problem: even when I have my display name left blank on chat.fedoraproject.org, Zodbot’s FAS lookup fails (when using .hi)

salimma[m]: Sorry, but user 'salimma [m]' does not exist

even though I registered salimma as a Matrix chat ID on my profile

I guess zodbot is still listening on the IRC side, and not Matrix, so my best bet is to still connect to Libera’s nickserv as kparal documented?

edit: confirmed that this works. The guide works, combined with Nickname Registration | Libera Chat for grouping my FAS nick with my existing Libera Chat nicks.

Yeah, zodbot is still on the IRC side. I think we probably want to move to matrix-native bots eventually, but we didn’t want to block on zodbot since it’s so essential.

I guess one thing we could do is teach zodbot to ignore the [m]?


I can’t connect to #fedora on Libera Chat using Element (installed from flathub).

It says i’m banned from the channel.

I tried to login with me registered userame on Libera Chat, through the Libera Chat Matrix bridge, but same outcome.

Is it just me or #fedora bans all connections from Matrix?

Are you connecting to the #fedora:libera.chat channel or to #fedora:fedoraproject.org?

There was a errant ban on the libera side which I have removed.

But as @mattdm mentions, from matrix you should just join #fedora:fedoraproject.org :slight_smile:

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