Telegram bridge/bot policies — should we have some, and what should they be?

See Should we Bridge All The Things? for IRC, and for that matter Fedora Chat: Matrix ⮀ IRC Interaction issues. But that’s for IRC…

What should our policies be on bots to other networks, and in particular Telegram, as we have a large cohort of users and contributors who use that system regularly?

I haven’t investigated deeply, but I know there’s been some problems in the past. At the very least, unless we decide to ban Telegram bridges, we probably need a “Telegram Interaction Issues” topic, too.

So, does EMS run a telegram → matrix bridge? I wonder if it would be good to switch tot hat instead of running our own telegram → irc bridges. This seems like a topic for @jflory7 to chime in on.

We haven’t (re)setup the telegram → irc bridges since the move to libera, so we should figure this out before bringing them back up.

Given that Matrix solves a lot of the newcomer usability issues that IRC has, I’d hope that most of our Telegram bridges would be obsoleted by the move to Matrix. I don’t think we want to outright ban them unless they cause problems. (Except maybe in the meeting rooms where the lack of a user name mapping, makes it a bit of a pain)

So, yes – but it’s a significant added cost. I know we talked about it with them at the beginning, but honestly that was so long ago I don’t remember where we landed on it. I will check.

I’m kind of with Ben on this – I know it’s annoying to use a zillion different chat apps and clients, but it’s also kind of the reality of 2021, and we can really provide the best experience when people use our own service directly.

I think we shouldn’t add Telegram bridges. Telegram is a proprietary service. We shouldn’t endorse it.

Also Telegram is full of spammers. When you delete spam messages on the Telegram side using anti-spam bots, Matrix will still have them visible forever, because one bot (gatekeeper) can’t see actions performed by another (anti-spam) due to Telegram Bot API restrictions.

P.S. I was admin of the Russian Fedora Telegram channel and the Matrix-gated room. Tired of cleaning up spam manually. 50+ spam messages per day.

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