#fedora channel on libera.chat and Element

I can’t connect to #fedora on Libera Chat using element.

It says i’m banned from the channel.

I tried to login with me registered userame on Libera Chat, through the Libera Chat Matrix bridge, but same outcome.

Is it just me or #fedora bans all connections from Matrix?

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Did you see this?


No I hadn’t seen that.

It looks like the Matrix rooms are the “native” ones, and they are bridged to IRC, if I’m not mistaken.

I was used to the other way around (IRC rooms as “normal” ones, then you can use the Matrix bridge).

I can post my question there.

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Of course, I tagt it as infrastructure.

Try this steps:

  1. Connecting to Libera.Chat | Libera Chat
  2. Nickname Registration | Libera Chat
  3. try to connect to #fedoraagain in IRC first.


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from @kevin over on Fedora Discussion:

There was a errant ban on the libera side which I have removed.

But as @mattdm
mentions, from matrix you should just join #fedora:fedoraproject.org :slight_smile: