Matrix/IRC bridge causes annoying join/part spam

Yes, I understand, but Matrix-to-IRC bridges has some major issues with join/part events. If someone joins or leaves IRC channel, it generates a new event on the Matrix side. This events causes native Matrix clients to show notification. It produces lots of unnecessary spam.

If we cannot get rid of IRC completely, maybe we can create some non-briged channels?

Yes, but only IRC bridge has such issues with join/part events. We uses Matrix-to-Telegram bridge for some rooms and it works fine.

Typical Matrix-to-IRC events spam:

I think we will have some non-bridged channels, yes. There’s a different thread about this: Matrix server channel setup.

Note also we will be running our own bridge as part of our hosted service, so we will have better control and performance should be better, and we can have Element look into this issue. (Also, I know in the web client at least there is a “Show join/leave messages (invites/kicks/bans unaffected)” setting which one can turn off, and which we can possibly make off by default for

Yes, and it works, but causes a huge memory leak once enable if there are a lot of join/part events, because it will need to fetch more and more events from the Matrix server.

I will bring this up with the Element team.


Any progress with this? Joining room causes Firefox hang for 1 minute.

Is it possible to configure IRC gate to stop broadcasting join/part messages?

So, these messages are suppressed on (running now but see caveats), and should not cause issues. Please 1) let me know if it does and 2) help start documenting the situation under Fedora Chat: Matrix ⮀ IRC Interaction issues.



Hiding of join/part events enabled:


Is this on

Yes. And on my self-hosted Element Web too.

Screenshot from


^ non-fedora spaces version of Fedora ARM room. The spaces version didn’t have this.

But, this is in spaces on the Introductions page:

Press Expand and you will see all this spam too.

Soooo… we’re supposed to have bridge / join part messages suppressed on — it can’t be done universally for all clients.

But @torbuntu, what you’re seeing in the Introductions page is just the way Matrix works. Those messages aren’t from the IRC bridge, because that room isn’t even bridged.

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I misunderstood. My bad :sweat_smile: