Hello everyone interested in Matrix

We’re about ready to launch Fedora Chat. The contract issues have been resolved, and a few of us are working on setting up the server. If you’re super-interested, you can find and join it now. But we’re waiting until the Spaces feature exits beta, because that’s central to how we expect the service to be used.

Eventually, we’re going to want a formal Matrix Team, but let’s not get blocked on process. Right now, this is the Fedora Matrix Special Interest Group, and you can be a member simply by participating. There’s also a Fedora Matrix Meta matrix room (note: not yet bridged to IRC, but that’s on the todo list), which is for general conversation about the Fedora Chat service. We’ll possibly also want a separate team room for more in-depth conversation… but, again, no need to block when we can just get started.

If you’d like to log in and see what we’ve got so far, https://chat.fedoraproject.org/ is up and running. However, it definitely isn’t how we want it to be at launch yet, and some of the things we’re going to do (like auto-join people to the Fedora Space) are probably going to be configured for your account the first time you log in. Therefore, if you want early access, please accept that some things will be a bit weird and you may need to do some manual configuration and changes. There is also plenty of unfinished work, like “connect existing :matrix.org rooms”, “hook up all rooms to the IRC bridge” and "make pretty icons that aren’t just ad-hoc repurposing of Fedora Badges.

You can also join the Fedora Space via an existing account and whatever client you like – but again be aware that we’re not really ready, so some things will be not be quite as intended yet.


So glad this is finally happening!


Great. I’m in.


Count me in too . .

Welcome all! See various other threads in this category and weigh in :slight_smile:

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It’d be good to have an option to generate an app password for clients that don’t support SSO. For example Fractal which I currently can’t use with the Fedora Matrix server.


Can I have a Fedora Golang room pretty please?

Don’t use Fractal. It still has no native replies support. Most of popular public rooms has bots to kick/ban Fractal users.

If you want native Matrix client, try nheko or NeoChat (both available on Fedora).

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Yeah, I have a ticket in on this.


All existing IRC channels (like #fedora-golang) will get bridged, but there’s a lot to go through. Once that’s done we can talk about creating new ones. (Policies to be determined – see other threads in progress.)

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How do you join this SIG? It’s not in the wiki.

Curious why if I try to join the Fedora Space using the chat.mozilla.org homeserver it just spins. :thinking:

Someone who is already in the space invited me and I was able to join.

I’m trying to avoid setting up formal structures too soon. From the post above, “you can be a member simply by participating [here]”. :slight_smile:

But, to be more declarative, put your name in this pinned post created for the purpose.

Eventually, we’ll want formal membership of active, involved people – especially when we get to figuring out permissions and responsibilities and who has what of which. But for now, just start helping out!

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Hasn’t Spaces gone out of beta?

What else is missing?

I think the problem is in the fourth dimension – time. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, exactly :slight_smile: Maybe we should schedule an “action meeting” for this SIG to come up with a plan and some owners for what we need to do to officially launch. I’ve come to the very strong realization that this is one of those things we need someone other than me to lead or it’s going to drag on forever. I think Matrix is important, but as a personal interest I’m more excited about this site and longer-format async communications than I am about chat.

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Hopefully this is the right place to reply… there’s a confusing " A post was merged into an existing topic" about fixing the links…

Anyhow, IMHO the only things left to do for matrix announcement is documentation and the announcement itself.

Oooh, that was supposed to make it less confusing, because that was a temporary glitch and I didn’t want it derailing the topic. Sorry for making it worse!

But anyway — there’s a checklist over at Official Fedora Chat launch checklist. That’s probably the best place to continue. I think I’ll close this thread in favor of that one.

And, yeah, most of the work is #docs.

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