Official launch checklist

Okay, what do we need before we do the Official Grand Opening?

Spaces feature needs to launch officially

There’s some GDPR handling text which was in Matrix’s generic code of conduct and is not in the Fedora one; #action @mattdm to check with Legal about this.


  • How-tos for users (get started, get clients)
  • Some basic policy docs
  • At least pointers to this discussion category / SIG

Announcement email
Fedora Magazine post
Pin links to these in Announcements

Update key links and general documentation (like join sig stuff)

Design for login page
Unique icons for at least the Spaces and Welcome rooms

remove (“tombstone”) the “Under Construction” room.
make sure the bot in #fedora won’t chide everyone on the bridge when it detects problems with one user

Post launch:
More docs
Update more links
Unique icons for more rooms

What am I missing? I’ll add in new items as you tell me them. :slight_smile:


A few minor items:

tombstone “Under Construction” room and point it to…welcome? or meta?

Do we want to add ‘mindshare’ and ‘engineering’ and ‘diversity & Inclusion’ subspaces under project teams?

Pin some initial things in ‘announcements’ ?

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Thanks. I’ll add those when I get a chance.

@mattdm: Thanks. Also, do you think the new Matrix announcement should replace the existing IRC announcement that is pinned? I’m not quite sure how to handle that IRC announcement since it is an ongoing issue. I didn’t write it or post it there, so I didn’t want to take it down. I’d like to keep the number of long-term pinned articles to a minimum. Maybe the Matrix article should include a short note at the end about Libra IRC so that it can serve to announce both systems? Pinning the Matrix article for a while sounds OK to me since we want to onboard folks.

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As an idea you could then also publish and pin a summary article that gives context on the communication situation and infrastructure, links to both IRC and Matrix articles and gives a bit of info on maybe the history, the present state and the ideas / target where you are going?

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@glb I was the one that originally pinned the IRC Announcement. I think it has been pinned long enough for most people to notice the IRC network change. I’ve removed the pin.


Also of note: I have a big internal non-Fedora meeting basically consuming my whole next week. So for everyone else excited to get this going, let’s figure out how to make it so I’m not the blocker. Lots of docs/writing to do, design tickets and work, etc., which could use YOUR help!

I’ll give the cover image a go …

What do you all think of this?:

Background photo of parrot (cropped and mirrored) by Jose Fuentes on Unsplash

  • Yea
  • Nay

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– edited to fix stylizing of Matrix