How to link to a Fedora Chat matrix room

This isn’t a policy, it’s just documenting something.

If you are in a room and want to send it to someone and pick “Copy Link” from the invite menu, you will get a link like this:

If you follow that link, you’ll be invited to join with various clients, but none of them are the web client. But, if you add ?web-instance[] to the end, et voilà.

I have an issue in with the Element Web project to make these links be the default (Allow "copy room link" to get a URL from our web client to point people _back_ to our own client · Issue #19082 · vector-im/element-web · GitHub), but I don’t think that’ll happen soon. So in the meantime, make sure to add the magic incantation when sharing links (and especially when documenting them).


Thanks for the info!

Out of curiosity, is this instance permanent and viable? I’d like to switch to it.

I just signed up and it’s working very well so far.

Yes, it’s permanent. It’s basically a soft-launch at this point (see Official launch checklist).

Do you have any guidance for when we should and when we shouldn’t direct people towards Fedora’s infra? I’m inclined to think we would always want to encourage potential contributors to create Fedora accounts and use the Fedora systems. But maybe there are times/reasons that we don’t want to do that?

I think in general we want to point to our own infra. That has the best experience in automatically joining people to the Fedora spaces, and shows our code of conduct.

I just tested this link in an incognito window and I noticed that the first link is actually Open in app rather than Open on and the first link didn’t seem to work for me on Fedora Linux 35 (it popped up a prompt for xdg-open which didn’t do anything when I clicked on it). Is this normal or is something wrong with my system? Maybe direct links to would be better than these links?