Growing London meetups into a UK-wide SIG?

Continuing the discussion from 2nd Local London Meetup

I am forking this into a discussion-focused thread so we can keep the other thread focused on logistics for a London meetup. I quoted several replies here to kick off the conversation.

I don’t know if there is truly a golden answer, but I think the important thing to sustain the effort of organizing meetups is to be consistent in showing up and having a space. Ben Cotton wrote about the flywheel theory of community engagement, and I think that could be valuable here too.

These are great initial questions for an early-stage meetup group. It would be valuable to understand the motivations and interests of the people who show up. What inspired them to show up? What are their hopes and wishes for the meetup? All good things to know, because then you can lean into the things more that the group is interested in.

I agree that promoting things in Fedora and the open source community should be encouraged. Meetups are great because attendees make new connections, strengthen old ones, and exchange ideas and perspectives. Sometimes people will want to work on different things too. This is why an inventory of interests and wishes from who is attending so far will be helpful to inform future goals.

As I am reading through this thread, it appears to me that @py0xc3 introduced this new idea of a UK SIG. So, I kicked off this new topic, here we are! :wave: I think there is room for some kind of formal structure around UK contributors to exist.

Well… this is basically what Ambassadors was all about in its heyday! When people thought about Fedora in their local regions, Ambassadors was the answer. Unfortunately this has languished in the past couple of years. But just because it is not working well today does not mean that it could not be improved, fixed, and iterated on.

As a case point, this is exactly something a regional Ambassador group would help with. @smittix was telling me the other day about stories from the old days with the UK Ambassador group. In 2024, it might be interesting to explore what a local Fedora Release Party could look like. I also have budget available for these events.

A minor correction, but the Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee (FAmSCo) was retired in 2018 and replaced by the Mindshare Committee.

I don’t know if this helps much, I hope it helps to shape this conversation a little more? We can also share this topic around with other Fedora folks in the UK to see and weigh in if they have thoughts.


This is great Justin and it’s taken me a while to get to it so apologies. I think we’re getting some really good traction with the UK folks and the channel attracting a lot more. I know there are also a lot out there that do not know that the matrix channel exists. I think we should make some more effort to get people together virtually and then really work on the IRL stuff. London meets are great for those that can make it however I’m in the north and cannot always get to London unless working down there. It would be great to see what kind of spread we have in the UK and what interest people have in getting more involved in the project and in what capacity. It would be great to get a virtual meet scheduled too.