2nd Local London Meetup

I didn’t imagine two different meetup by geographic coverage within the UK. I must have caused a confusion due to Ambassador, which is a regional entity and has governance structure under Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee. True, I mixed it up with our meetup. Splitting meetup into two because of benign mistakes in communication should be avoided.

Adding a video conference is to accommodate folks who are willing to participate, but can’t travel down to London as scheduled by majority voting. However, I don’t mean to default our communication to hybrid all the time. I wanted to offer an opportunity to those who can’t travel, but would look for in person meetings in London next time.

As the Matrix Chat room for our group tells us, it is Fedora UK “Fedora contributors and users living in the United Kingdom”. Some people would be willing to travel regardless of distance. Often, schedule clash, other commitment and time management would be an issue for UK residents living in different counties.

A local meetup idea started from the Fedora Advocate Program. An approval from Mindshare to host a local event is based on a procedure written on the Mindshare committee’s team documentation.

Maybe, we could wait to hear from long-term contributors about their wisdom and how other regions organize a local meetup and what models work best so far.