Gnome-software refuses to show Flatpak and other packages while dnf and Discover works fine

Greetings fellow humans, human fellows.

I’m testing out Fedora on an old laptop to before decding whether or not to switch fully. So far, I have had a lot of issues that, thankfully, were solved quickly. This is one of the final issues I’ve been having so any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve install RPG Fusion repo and its meta-data, Flatpak, some copr repos and some from OBS(Opensuse build service).

Despite this, some applications refuse to show up in Gnome-software. I can install them just fine from the terminal or from Discover(KDE’s pakcage manage). It’s just Gnome-software that behaves like this. I’ve never had this issue happen before so I’m quite dumbfounded as to what to do. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

If there are any logs or system information I need provide, please let me know, I will provide them as soon as possible.

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Gnome Software usually only shows packages with app stream metadata, but I believe KDE does this as well? It may be worth a shot running gnome-software --quit, deleting ~/.cache/gnome-software, then starting it again. Maybe I am incorrect, but I believe Gnome Software and Discover should show the same apps.

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I apologize for my lateness. I got this and the main forum confused.
I have the app stream data from RPM Fusion installed. But the thing seems to not work. I’ll try quitting and refreshing the cache as you mention.

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Refreshing the cache does not seem to work. I can now see flatpak applications but timeshift for example does not show up. I am unsure if this is just timeshift being iffi or if there are other issues with other packages as well.

Does timeshift show up in discover?

Yes, it does.
in fact, TLP is having a similar issue. TLP shows up in discover and in dnf search but not on Gnome-software

I guess discover can search all applications. GNOME Software cannot do this. If you want an alternative, you could either use Discover on GNOME, or a tool like dnf-dragora.

Sadly, discover has been the buggiest thing in the world, while DNF-dragora looks like hellspawn itself.
Guess I’m sticking with dnf for now.