Has anyone else noticed that some applications don't show up on Gnome-software?

I’m using the latest Fedora release for Gnome 42.
I’ve noticed this since I first started using Fedora 31.
Some applications will fail to pop up on Gnome software.

Specifically, these applications won’t show up on Gnome-software if you search for them, or when you right-click on the app for details.

So far, I’ve been able to identify a few apps like this
and Kvantum Manager
These are apps that can only be installed by using the dnf command or a different app center like DNF-dragora or KDE-Discover.

Can anyone else replicate this issue?
Furthermore, if this is an actual issue, how would you write a bug report for this, and how?

Thanks for mentioning this. I was looking for Timeshift a few weeks ago but saw that it was missing, so I figured it just wasn’t in Fedora’s repos. I don’t see Timeshift or Kvantum Manager when I try looking it up Gnome Software, but Solaar does come up.


Only programs with appdata.xml/metainfo.xml files show up in Snome Software. Some programs haven’t been updated to include one of those files.


Should we report these to their respective repos?
I’d imagine this would be much easier to do from the Fedora devs compared to us.
Could this process be automated?

I don’t think you want to add it to every package that is in Fedora. Some packages like libraries, you typically don’t install by itself. I would just file a bug ticket with those you find.

Ah…so. Bug reports for each application? Got it. Thanks.