Software center - nothing “installed” - search only yields flathub apps - Fedora Gnome 34

Using Fedora 34 Workstation (Gnome DE)

Clean install, I have third party repos enabled, including flathub and every other repo besides “testing” repos.

When I search for an app (e.g. Timeshift, Nextcloud Desktop client, Qbittorrent, Seahorse) it only yields flathub apps (prior to enabling flathub, it would yield no results for those).

If I do a dnf search appname for any of those above apps and others, it shows an “.x86_64” version for all of these. I install it using dnf in the cli. None of the apps I install via this method or from within the software app, appear under the installed tab of gnome-software (no apps shown at all). When I search these apps now in the app center, I click them and they show that they’re installed via fedora repo and it now has a drop down to choose between flathub and the fedora repo version.

I would like to be able to search and install non-flathub apps from gnome-software so I don’t have to search and install via cli. What information can I provide to help troubleshoot this issue?

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Hi @boggle247 Welcome. As for Gnome-software, the troubleshooters are here: GNOME / gnome-software · GitLab.
Gnome-software and DNF are different systems, using different methods.
You could help Gnome to write an issue (as Gnomes call bugs) :slight_smile:
If you do not know how, just ask.

Seems odd that I only have gnome-software issues in fedora though… But I will search on there git.

I asked this in a matrix fedora room and was directed here. Hopefully discussing on a gnome forum or creating a bug for them will be the final stop. Else, I guess I will have to go back to popos in the meantime. We’ll see, thanks for the direction.

My issue I just opened

I do not ever use Gnome-Software, just because DNF has better and newer packages.

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+1 to @jpbn
I also never use gnome software. One issue seems to be that it only includes graphical apps and not everything available. dnf is able to install/show everything available regardless if it is gui or cli.

I think gnome software uses package kit and although AFAIK the repo is the same it can be out of sync with the repo for updates as well as limiting the available packages.


This is a common response I’ve gotten, just use dnf on command line. Why ship a gui app store if it isn’t going to be in parity with the distros repo, or not functioning at all?

I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but this response is a cop-out. If this is the solution I’ll go to another distro.

You may want to try some of the suggestions here:

I appreciate you suggesting this. Its been the most help I’ve encountered thus far. However, tonight when logging into my fedora system, steam wasn’t displaying things correctly. Lots of plain text. So I rebooted. It looks fine, but now I see that it can’t play videos (game trailers) from within the app.

So I’m just calling it, and reinstalling popos. Fedora is just too buggy for me.

I do appreciate your suggestion. You’ve been the only helpful person after discussing this for 5 days on various forums. Most people tell me to post to xx forum so I end up posting all over the web. Hopefully your suggestion will someone else if they stumble across this. Bye.