Software center - nothing "installed" - search only yields flathub apps - Fedora Gnome 34

Using Fedora 34 Workstation (Gnome DE)

Clean install, I have third party repos enabled, including flathub and every other repo besides “testing” repos.

When I search for an app (e.g. Timeshift, Nextcloud Desktop client, Qbittorrent, Seahorse) it only yields flathub apps (prior to enabling flathub, it would yield no results for those).

If I do a dnf search appname for any of those above apps and others, it shows an “.x86_64” version for all of these. I install it using dnf in the cli. None of the apps I install via this method or from within the software app, appear under the installed tab of gnome-software (no apps shown at all). When I search these apps now in the app center, I click them and they show that they’re installed via fedora repo and it now has a drop down to choose between flathub and the fedora repo version.

I would like to be able to search and install non-flathub apps from gnome-software so I don’t have to search and install via cli. What information can I provide to help troubleshoot this issue?