New user -- gnome software filters out almost everything

As stated above I cant find new software unless I use the cli. I found this . My question is why is this a thing? Why would the default install prevent a new user from getting software? I do have flathub enabled on gnome software. Last question, is there a way to change this behavior or do I just need to default to the commandline to get what I need?

It’s not about preventing people from installing software, it’s about making more software available by default. Instead of not enabling Flathub at all, we allow vetted applications to ensure the Third-Party Repository Policy is met. You can read more about this in the " Adding Selected Flathub Applications" Change proposal for F35.

OK, I think I am starting to understand. Although, why not just add those specific flatpaks directly to the Fedora repo? Also as a practical matter, will flatpak remote-modify --no-filter give me the full flathub experience?

The Fedora repo is for packages built by Fedora. I can’t say for sure if the command you gave will remove the filter, but I believe it will based on my read of the man page.

You’ll want to follow the no filter with:
flatpak update --appstream