Gnome power menu, suspend option: touchpad click doesn't work, touch works

I have Fedora 39 on 2-in-1 laptop (Lenovo L13 Yoga).

I can’t click on ‘Suspend’ on Gnome Power Menu using the touchpad, but I can “click”/select it using touch.

Any ideas to find out what is going on and opening a bug report?

Just the Suspend menu item, or you can’t click anywhere? Tap-to-click is disabled by default on touchpads, you need to use physical buttons or enable tap-to-click in gnome control center.

Just the Suspend menu item, I can click on the Restart one (I’m using the touchpad physical buttons to click).

Perhaps suspend is not supported on your system? Is it grayed out or similar? Does systemctl suspend command work properly?

Yes, I can suspend when I use the touchscreen to press the button :slight_smile:

What I want to know is: is there any command similar to:

DEBUG=1 gnome_shell --replace

I can use on Wayland to debug what is going on with the menu?

Please file a bug with a good description here:

Just a status update, I still haven’t filled a bug report.

Anyway, I will when I can, so thanks for the link!