Touchpad and suspend issues after upgrading to Fedora 30

Just upgraded from Fedora 28 to 29 without issues, and then from 29 to 30, which produced problems.

Touchpad stopped working properly afterward, having significantly faster vertical speed than horizontal speed, to the point of being practically unusable. USB mouse still works fine. Edit: I have found similar problems on both Ubuntu and Archlinux.
However, the Ubuntu solution of editing acceleration profile gave the terminal message “property ‘Device Accel Profile’ doesn’t exist, you need to specify its type and format”, and the Archlinux solution requires the prop id of the Coordinate Transformation Matrix, which I don’t know how to find (Edit: I found the transformation matrix prop id, but even after changing the vertical speed to try matching the horizontal, it feels abnormal. I suppose it’s the best I can manage).

In addition, closing my laptop fails to suspend. Reopening after attempting to close it produces the terminal-like black screen with white cursor (bear with me, I’m an idiot who’s out of their element, I don’t know terms), though it doesn’t say any text. After some delay, inputting keys brings it to the lock screen. Suspending manually through the power button or the suspend button in the upper right corner of the lock screen both work normally. I had a similar issue with suspend-on-close not working back in Fedora 28 when I first upgraded, but that seemingly fixed itself eventually, presumably from an update. Same could happen here? There also doesn’t appear to be a setting for this in the power settings.

Device is an HP Pavilion g6, if that’s relevant. I also performed both the upgrades using the terminal, with the --allowerasing tag when downloading (historically upgrades don’t work without it for me).

Any suggestions on what the cause of the issues could be and/or how to fix them?