Gnome-calendar crashes at startup

Hello everyone.

today after a simply DNF update and reboot on my Fedora 35 in VM… gnome-calendar crashes multiple time at start-up and every time I expand the app list.

Prior the dnf update… no errors were reported. I am not using any third part reps.

Any ideas ?

I can’t report the problem… see below error:

Hrm, I’m not seeing the crashes here on an up to date system:


Can you take a look at your logs to see if there are any errors there?

thank you for your response… checked the log with a simple grep and…

Hrm, not sure, but do you have an event in some calendar that does not have time zone information associated with it?

It does look like a bug though. Gnome calendar should be able to handle this gracefully.

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no events all, I never opened gnome-calendar since the original installation of Fedora.

I had fedora 34, upgraded to 35 just fine… after few days… I run a dnf update… some updates were installed and then error popup at system startup.

Mentioning a bug… maybe is just architecture related ? Since I am using arch64 and you are using X64 ?

You should probably be able to get a backtrace with coredumpctl dump gnome-calendar, which you can use to post a bug report the same way that abrt would.

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thank you… do you know where and how I can report the bug ?

Also is there a reason why I can not report the bug using the UI ? Should this be treated as another bug ?

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See instructions here: How to file a bug :: Fedora Docs

I don’t know about the UI; it probably is a bug as well.

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Do you have calendars enabled using either Evolution or Gnome online accounts though? Gnome calendar uses the same information as them.

There’s not enough information at the moment to deduce this, unfortunately.

There are a number of scenarios where a stack trace may not be usable, and abrt (the UI) probably has some heuristics to help it decide whether a trace it generated is useful enough. For more information, see:

I never linked any accounts when using Linux ( I do not have a gnome/evolution account)… nor I have ever used gnome-calendar.

I will try to file a bug then in this case.

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