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I am testing out Gnome Calendar, comparing to Thunderbird. I need a way to add calendar events very quickly and easily but I always want an audible and visual reminder for them.
Thunderbird seems to work ok, although I must have the app open for reminders to work. I wondered if Gnome Calendar (being more integrated into the system) would work even when the app is closed. So i made some test events/reminders today but not having much luck.

After not hearing or seeing any alerts, I looked again and it doesn’t show any reminders added, even though I did add them.

I just created a new event, added a reminder for “5 minutes before” (I do wish it could do them AT the time I log the event for!), but then after saving I opened it immediately and it showed no reminders. Looks like reminders are not saving, weird.

Just wondered if this is a known issue or if it’s only affecting me?

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I actually use Thunderbird, but my Workflow is slightly different now because of it. I have not tinkered with the settings much, I only use Thunderbird for it’s Calendar, and need to do more digging, but I do leave the app open. I have even set it up to auto start on boot.

Since Gnome’s Workflow is basically full screen apps ( which I like ) Having it open doesn’t mean much. Gnome has unlimited workspaces so you are always a Super + Tab away if you need it. In hindsight, I did try out Gnome Calendar some time last year, and it did work with notifications. I didn’t need to have it open, it ruins in the background.

I want to stay on this thread with you since it’s also a part of how I’m organizing things in my daily workflows.

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Thanks. I am actually not using the workspaces thing any more. I have all apps open on one screen, switching between them with alt-tab. I will also set up Thunderbird to open automatically, and stick with it i think. Gnome Calendar definitely isn’t right here, but Thunderbird seems slightly easier to use (for example you can highlight a task and hit delete key to delete, can’t do that on Gnome, have to edit and hit the delete event button, not fun when clearing a large number!)


I’m Shocked.

Although I went through the same phase with Gnome. Then my workflow changed. . . :thinking:

For some reason, this became more prevalent to me ? Also, this is “fairly new” to Gnome, as the Workspaces used to be Vertically aligned on the right side of the window.

What changed? I think, having Browsers open changed me a lot. I hated having multiple tabs open. Now i have ten’s, and a couple times hundreds. . .

Multiple Browsers and Inkscape projects open at once, opened me up to Super+` Allowing me to switch between multiple browser windows easily.

Sorry for the tangent, Workflows do change and become more efficient with time. I’ll keep you posted here with more Thunderbird things I come up with. Also hope other join with their workflow tips.

I have custom keys. Alt is my CTRL key, similar to Mac’s Command key location (my muscle memory). But next to it is Windows/Super key. For me that and tab is my ‘switch windows of current app’, and I do use that a lot. I just don’t slide around to different screens (or key combo) because I don’t see the point. i have a 27" nice Dell screen on desk, a full size keyboard and mouse, no trackpad (unless i go mobile, in which case I would use the full screen swipe across thing again as it is nice on a laptop). I still have every app full screened, I jjust alt-tab between, rather than switch screen/workspace. Don’t really see much difference to be honest!

And being really honest, I suspect I will end up on KDE when I have time to learn it. Especially when I move my biz machine to Fedora (mac still currently, no choice, can’t go through this learning which trying to get important work done). I kinda resent the lack of ‘desktop’. Yeah yeah, I’ve read all the (intelligent) explanations, but it still stinks of what I am trying to leave behind, namely Apple, that approach of ‘we know best, so we will train people to use a machine the way we think best’. I don’t mind persuasion, I don’t mind semi-force, so long as there IS a way to GET the old features they want rid of (desktop files for example). I will be lost without it for work machine and it’s the main reason I am not already on Fedora on that machine, I use Desktop organised files all day long for design/content stuff. I use desktop as a temp dumping ground, clearing it at end of the day, ready for next project.

To do that in Gnome means going to Files, and accessing temp folders. I could do that, but it would slow me down drastically and my workflow on work machine has apps set to 80% of the screen, with right hand side showing desktop behind, with all the files i need for that project, i can drag into the manual order I want, not date or filename, just THERE where I want it!

So, whilst I do love Fedora, and have learned to ‘like’ Gnome, I will never ‘love it’, if only for the fact it has no desktop and that feels a bit ‘pushy’ to me (especially to prevent it, which is a deliberate choice which didn’t need to be made, however much they are ‘sure we know what people really want, even if they don’t think so’, yawn. )

Just my tuppence of course, each to his/her own. :slight_smile:

Edit: For a LAPTOP, I think Gnome is excellent. But for business stuff (for which I have a very specific workflow, with 20 years of habit/experience behind it), I wish I could have OSX without Apple’s involvement, which means KDE is about the best bet I can find!)

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Sincere apologies. :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that non-all-day calendar events in GNOME calendar, with reminders set up, don´t trigger a notification in the notification center. It is there in the Notification center, right below the calendar, but no pop-up notification. It is rather strange, I will try to see if this is a matter of settings, or working as-designed, or maybe a bug.

Interesting. On my mac (at work), I like to keep my Desktop clean, and using the Downloads folder for this “temp dumping ground” purpose instead. I think it’s the obvious folder to use for such a purpose, given that it’s a kind of temporary folder by nature anyway (all the stuff downloaded from the browser land here). It is the first tab from several tabs open on Files (or Finder).

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Guys le’ts keep this thread about one topic XD otherwise I throw you in the watercooler :wink:

I also tried different calendar solutions. On KDE, the new Merkuro suite is looking nice. The main issue is that it doesnt support plain CalDAV (sync with often the mail provider) so it is useless for many people.

I am interested in using Thunderbird ONLY for the calendar. I dont like having 2 completely separate things in one app.

  • thunderbird has support for profiles thunderbird -p
  • with some custom CSS you may be able to remove unwanted things. Or just dont do that.
  • you would need to have an empty mail account or something, to not get mails to that profile all the time.
  • a custom desktop entry would be needed, and running the app with a different dbus name or something, to allow using a different icon

I have a request on Mozilla Connect for that, somewhere


There’s nothing wrong with the Water Cooler, it’s nice and cozy there :slight_smile: .

Joking aside, there seems to be an issue (possible bug) with reminders in GNOME Calendars, as the reminders don’t even get saved on local calendars. Interesting enough, a reminder for an event saved to an online calendar (Google in my case) did work - notification popped up at the right time.

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For some strange reason ( could have been my health at the time ) I remember being Notified for events and the like from Gnome’s Calendar, I don’t know what has changed but I could check it out again to test.

I’ve never been a big Desktop clutter person, so not having a Desktop was actually better for me. At first it forced me to use filenames and searches better, instead of looking through which Icon was which and clicking through to see where things were. Again, I use Gnome with everything Full Screen ( including F11 workflow) So now full screen Nautilus is basically the “Dumping Ground” which gets de-cluttered regularly. Drag and drop is not an issue since the applications you need to drag and drop from can be snapped side by side.

I wish I could do a Video of how I use Gnome, the workflow is pretty cool. You’d think I was using a WM like i3WM, and in a way I use it like one with the increasing number of shortcuts I have.


I did purposely add | Workflow | to the title, to allow for some insight into features of the applications and other efficiencies. My apologies as I can get tangential :laughing:

Nice and chill :fedora:

This is actually how I use Thunderbird right now. Just the calendar and some RSS. feeds.

I don’t recall correctly if there was a major update to Gnome’s Calendar. I think Brodie Robertson interviewed him recently, but he also works on OBS so. . .

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Calendar - Thanks very much, that explains things better.

Desktop ‘clean’ - I hear that a lot. I can promise you that, whilst mine has many files on it during a busy day/project, it’s anything but ‘dirty’ :smiley: . Downloads folder is, most logically, for downloaded items. My temp files are not all downloads, in fact most aren’t, most are images edited and saved iterations (catpic1, catpic2, catpic3…), so I like to keep my Downloads folder for just that, downloads.

Desktop is for me the most logical place for temp stuff, and even if not, it’s what I’ve come to use for that. Mainly because it’s right there, a quick flick of mouse to a hot corner to reveal the desktop and I can open a file, rather than going through Finder where I only have filenames displayed, the icons visible on desktop for each file are a bit part of my workflow and the reason I do it this way. At the end of a project, I wipe the slate ‘clean’ and have a fresh virtually empty desktop to work from again.

I see it as my ‘workbench’, much like my real one. during a job it may be covered with tools, soldering irons, gloves, goggles, ashtray and coffee mug… :D. But once thats’ all finished it gets cleaned up and that helps with the catharsis of completing a repair/project! I guess if Gnome decision makers walked in, they’d tell me I ‘should’ be opening a drawer every 10 seconds to grab ‘that tool’ again :smiley:

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I’d sure be interested to watch, I doubt the main approach would work for me but I am sure I’d pick up many useful tricks. When you said: “snapped side by side”, did you mean move one to left and one to right (two actions) or is there some other way to do that? I do do this too (super left and super right) to get two finder windows for dragging and dropping, or Signal left and finder right for sending pics to someone

Oops, sorry barss! I read that a bit too late :smiley:

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While GNOME Calendar’s look is up to date, the alarm notification part not so much:

I guess the reason behind it is that, for alarms, the Calendar app connects to Evolution services, and the one in charge here is evolution-alarm-notify. Looks pretty outdated.


I knew you would know ! Also you brought up why it’s broken for me. My install script removes a majority of gnome applications from Fedora Workstation installs, and I purposely removed Evolution ( no longer use it, ) and Calendar. So it would not work for me anyway.

I still think Thunderbird is the way to go, but I use it horribly still, so I can’t give much outside of I have it open and see my task and projects. I know there are others but have not looked into it much.


Thanks for confirming it’s not just me. No point having reminders that don’t ‘remind’, otherwise it’s just a task! :smiley:

On that note, and going by my general dislike of Thunderbird (mostly for forcing browser functionality in an email app), for tasks I found and am trying out ‘Endeavour’ app, beautifully simple, no junk thrown in like the rest all seem to have (sync to icloud/drive bla bla), just a nice functional task list for organising my day/week/month (using Thunderbird for reminders about important stuff). Thought I’d mention Endeavour in case anyone else happens across this thread and finds it a useful suggestion

I have not checked, but maybe there is something in the Flathub store. There’s always new stuff there or other solutions online?

I don’t need anything else currently. I researched online for task managers and Endeavour was best I could find (that I can get safely via Software app in Fedora). I will use Thunderbird for reminders which works well enough for me, alerts are functional which is the main thing.

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