Fedora translation is not working anymore

I have made lots of translation in fedora

But there is nothing changed.
It is same as before yesterday fedora website has not been translated although i have done over 50% of it. Did i done anything wrong or it has some bugs.

Can you tell what you translated (link), so I can verify that there are no errors.
In general translations gets updated at certain intervals (daily/weekly…), so they might not be seen immediately on the web page.

Your translations are committed to proper place, issue is in website not automatically updating itself as it should.

Yes right i have translated whole page just 2left which are locked i don’t have permission to do that

We had something similar view days ago:
Issue #202: Selecting another language does not show all content in it - websites - Pagure.io

Yes it problem has been solved but it still all the bits are not translated i have done but. It is more than 85% done as it is showing

Translations can take up to 24 hours to be integrated into websites.
You can take a look at the repository here to see the current state: Commits - fedora-web/translations - Pagure.io

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Yes but what i have translated those are not there in that whole list i made a language from 8% to 89% in last 3days those are not been added as far as i can see can you look into.

I can see your translations from the last 3 days are correctly integrated here:

And they are showing correctly on the labs website :

I also see you’ve completed the translation to 100% a few hours ago (Thanks for that :+1: ). This will be integrated tomorrow on the websites (remember the 24 hours rule).

So far, everything seems to be working correctly, or did I misunderstood your issue?


Yes right now i can see this i don’t know but just 6hours ago i have checked but this was not translated but now it is when i opend it in private window and i can see this…
There are two more components i can see but i can’t do translation

Looks awesome in somedays i will do some translation in languages also. Thanks

I see also a lock on this two projects. I assume it is not meant to be translated in other languages or it is just still in progress also in English, then translating makes no sens jet.

But of them showing 15% done

Please click on http://boot.fedoraproject.org/


Fedora Infrastructure has offered many services over its history, but each one takes time and effort which is always in limited supply. With that being the case, it has had to end of life various services. If you have arrived at this page it is because the service you were trying to find no longer exists:

Are you bored that you want to translate not existing things ?!

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boot.fedoraproject.org is deprecated, thus don’t need to be translated anymore.
The version of budget.fedoraproject.org in weblate is also deprecated, and has been replaced by another site a long while ago (Overview - fedora-budget - Pagure.io), which is not translatable at this time.

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