Updating translation but not applied on the website (my first contribution)


Just a question, i updated yesterday a translation of the website : fedora-websites-3.0/fedoraproject.org — French @ Fedora Weblate: Each version is updated for approximately 13 months, and upgrades …
12 hours later, the translation not applied to the website : The leading Linux desktop | The Fedora Project

What missing ?
It’s an action from myself i didn’t do to push the update or the update must be done with a Fedora member ?

Sorry it’s my first translation :slight_smile:

Hi Adrien :slight_smile:
Thanks for your contribution to the translation of the website!

Translations are automatically pushed to the dev version of the website available here: Fedora Linux | The Fedora Project
The translation platform (Weblate) waits for ~24h before sending us translation updates, so you might need to wait a bit before seeing your changes here.

Once it’s in dev, we usually push an update to the prod website (fedoraproject.org) once a week.


Thanks for the answer !
Noted !