Weblate & Badges?

I and I guess a ton of people spend a lot of time translating things on Weblate.

Afaik I registered on Weblate with FAS.

Is there a badges integration I missed, or if not, should we get one?

  • number of projects started
  • number of completed translations (100%)
  • number of strings translated

a have given up on badges etc just not worth the time to figure out and jump on different places signing, create accounts etc and nothing still works so i can say not easy to get badges to show

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Same hereā€¦

AFAIK Badges is still going through a rework, What I saw that was being worked on was pretty extensive so it I think it will be some time before badges are in a good state. Badges has been ignored for some time.

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I donā€™t think we have badges integration with Weblate and it would be great to have one. @boredsquirrel worth checking with the Badges team on their Matrix room.

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We need to have Fedora Messaging integrated into Weblate - Weblate issue.

A related Fedora Infra ticket also existed.

Fedora L10N Team would certainly welcome one or more people with Python dev skills (as so far we have not been able to gather them within the team) who would be interested in joining/helping the upstrem Weblate devs with Fedora Messaging integration into Weblate, also to interact with Fedora Infra team and, prospectively, join (liason with?) the Fedora Badges (revamp).

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How would you ā€˜translateā€™ this into a badge(s) for a person?

So, letā€™s say 'a number of translation projects/components the given person started in last (month?).
If a translation is at 98% and there needs to be 5 strings/messages translated to be completed? Is it worth, ie. enough effort spent by a person, to be awarded a badge?

I think there needs to be a wider disscusion about badges (thresholds) attached to the translation community. :wink:

For sure, these were only ideas.

Starting 20 translations or so could be ā€œTranslation Pioneerā€ as you go from 0 to something.

Finishing is not about the amount of work but just like ā€œTranslation Perfectionistā€, a little fun thing.

Badges are not a competition, are they?