Get access to translate Fedora website to Arabic

I’m Tarik a web freelancer from Morocco using some fedora applications and want to translate a fedora website.

I sent a request on zanata but request pending? does the cummunity needs additional translation for Arabic or not currently?

Site link for site I want to translate:

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Hi @rtarik, and welcome to ask.fedora!

I think the community always appreciates additional translations!
A good overview and maybe starting point for translation (Localization) of the Fedora Project can be found here: L10N - Fedora Project Wiki

Did you already go through the process of becoming a translator? See L10N/Guide - Fedora Project Wiki

Are you already a member of the Arabic Translator team? Here is a list of all teams.
I would suggest you join the Arabic trans mailing list. You could also get in touch with the Coordinator directly, if there is an issue with being accepted as translator in zanata.

Last but not least, there is a general trans mailing list, use it if you have trouble reaching out the the Arabic trans team or their coordinator.


@florian, peace be upon those who follow guidance.

I logged in Zanata and saw it’s editor and the beta editor too and sent a request to join the Arab group and the request pending. (image below)

In contrast, I sent a message to Coordinator which I noticed also after that operation a message added on the mailing list.

I added a thread in the mailing list about the translation before in about one day from now but no reply.

Thank you @florian


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I’d give them a couple more days to react to your introductory email…

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@FranciscoD, peace be upon those who follow guidance.

Is it possible to add that tag ?

Done. :+1:

Discourse allows users to create tags as they gain trust levels in the system. (Explained in the #start-here posts where Persian will also be added soon—it is a work in progress)

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Just to clear a possible misunderstanding: while Persian is written in (a variant of) Arabic script, and there are many Arabic words in Persian; they are totally different ones. Actually, they even have different roots. Probably surprisingly, Persian is an Indo-European language, the same family as English and Hindi but Arabic is a Semitic one. So, don’t expect an Arab user to be able to understand Persian text, or vice versa!


Ah, that clears up a few of my confusions. Thanks for that @hedayat!

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One week passed, is there a reason of this delay ?

We don’t really know @rtarik, since we’re not the ones in-charge or members of this particular team. It is possible that the team is no longer active, it will need some looking into.

Have you been able to find who the people in the team are?

From the Zanata portal I found they are 10 members.

On the mailing list of fedora-trans-ar when I sent a message to coordinator I found a thread posted with that message and named

To Mohamed Fawzy,

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Let’s hope they reply. Otherwise we can have a look to see how active they’ve been recently etc.

I checked the history of mailing list 15 months from 01/2018 to 03/2019 and the number of discussions mentioned is 0.

No problem, from my side.

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Well, if they are inactive, you should probably reach out to Fedora L10n team and you’ll probably become the new coordinator.


I did an introduction in the L10n and i18n and I got a message from Jean-Baptis mentioning that he contacted mohamed fawzy about that.


Unsure what was the reason behind getting membership as translator, which may help choosing a solution for this post.

I’ll chose @hedayat 's answer because is was part of last initiatives I did before getting membership.


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Awesome! :clap::clap:

Thanks. I certainly don’t deserve all the credit!

hmmm actually, I’d probably choose the first reply by Florian. Feel free to change the answer as you wish :slight_smile:

Glad to see this subject solved.

For any localization issue, anyone can join me on fedora-i18n or quoting me in this forum;

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