Fedora Strategy 2028: Focus area review (Reaching the World)

We’re working on Fedora Strategy 2028 — our next five-year plan. We are now reviewing those Objectives and their associated Impact. Read this guide for details on the current planning phase.

Focus Area: Reaching the World

I’ll admit right up front: this focus area is a little bit less… well, focused than some of the others. Particularly, the third Objective doesn’t seem to directly fit with the others. That’s because this kind of shifted around as we were developing this draft. It was originally directly linked to Accessibility, under the Theme Fedora is for everyone, and called “Remove other limits”.

As the Fedora Council worked on that, we felt that access to Fedora Linux systems in cloud providers and CI services was different enough from preinstalled hardware — especially in intended Impact — that it should be its own thing. And we dropped a kind of vague Objective about improving documentation and user support. (Those things are certainly important, but we found we had a hard time writing something that felt concrete and actionable.)

Is this the right way to group these ideas? Are there other big ideas that really should be here? Should one or more of these Objectives be somewhere else?

Objectives & Impact

Objective Impact
Fedora Linux is available pre-installed on more systems from more vendors. Reduced barrier to entry lets more people try Fedora.
Fedora Linux is widely available in cloud providers and CI services. Fedora is perceived as the default developer platform.
Fedora maintains a strong network of thriving local communities around the world. As a distributed project, we are more diverse and resilient.

The work at hand:

  1. In this topic, discuss the overall focus area and how the three Objective / Impact pairs fit in. If you think we should re-word or re-orient “Reaching the World” to better describe the concept, this is the place. It’s also where we want to identify any crucial alternate or missing Objective / Impact ideas that fit the focus. Please review “What if something is missing?” — we already have an ambitious plan, so ideally we should now be looking at adjusting alignment and scope rather than brainstorming new ideas. But if there’s something very important that we’re missing, now is definitely better than later.
  2. In separate topics per Objective (and associated Impact), discuss and validate each:

As outlined in the roadmap, this post will close in one month.

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We could break this down to prime movers of growing community of Open Source developers (experience and aspiring) and learners.

  • Educators and content creators
  • E-learning platform
  • InfoSec certification bodies

Nurturing developer/user advocacy through partnership

In addition to identification of prime movers, we would then conjure up goals and aspirations to meet the objective of ‘Reaching the World’. Market sizing e-learning industry will help refining our goals.

Content creation with Fedora Linux and FOSS tools: Drip feed

Design team, Magazine and Fedora Classroom already shared fantastic tutorials to reach more people to use FOSS tools running on Fedora Linux. We need to expand use cases of visual guide, where possible.

It takes time to change developer/user’s preference of tools. However, consistent messaging (walk the talk and lead by example) with all the FOSS tools we use and storytelling about tools running on Fedora will expand user base in growing industry like cloud-native application development.

I hope it will help switching people from their usual choice of Linux OS (by market share - easy to guess?) to Fedora. This is why I call it ‘drip feed’ to nurture developer/user advocacy.

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