Fedora Strategy 2028: Focus Area review guidelines

We’re working on Fedora Strategy 2028 — our next five-year plan. The Fedora Council has identified a “North Star” target: double the number of contributors active every week, and then 18 different objectives within different themes and focus areas.

We are now reviewing those Objectives and their associated Impact. The goal: to ensure these align with what the whole Fedora community wants — not necessarily complete agreement, nor a majority vote, but reasonable consensus.

At this point, we don’t need to work further to the left columns on our Logic Model. That’s on the roadmap for the next phase in May and June. However, it can sometimes be helpful to think about Outcomes (the things we will measure in order to know we’re succeeding) and Outputs (the things we’ll produce) as part of the process, so don’t be afraid to record your thoughts about those here too.

Right now, for each Objective (what we plan to accomplish) and Impact (why we are doing that) our goal is to validate these things:

  1. If the Impact is achieved, it’s reasonable to expect an increase in active Fedora contributors.
  2. Success in the Objective logically results in the intended Impact.
  3. That link is reasonably sufficient — that is, it represents everything needed to have the Impact.
  4. While there might be other ways to have similar Impact, the chosen Objective is the right one for Fedora right now.
  5. The wording is precise and clear. The Objective is concrete, and the Impact is (at least a little bit) inspirational. Together, they fit into this Focus Area.

This is also the chance to consider other Objective/Impact pairs that could fit in this Focus Area. Suggestions should follow the same considerations as above, and should clearly link to the North Star goal. We already have an ambitious number, so if a new idea really stands out, the Council may decide to replace an existing one. Or, we may decide to leave it out — even if it is a good idea. (And, good ideas that don’t end up in the plan don’t have to be discarded!)

Remember: we’re past the brainstorming stage. Let’s focus on making sure the objectives and impacts we’ve already identified are right.

This post is meant to be a guide for a repeated series. Don’t comment on the details here — but do feel free to ask questions about or give suggestions for the review process. See Fedora Strategy 2028: a topic index for our planning process - Fedora Discussion for links to the specific discussion topics.