Fedora Strategy 2028: a topic index for our planning process

We’re developing a high-level strategy for Fedora for the next five years. This post serves as an index to various posts about this — both existing and planned. (It’s everything in strategy2028, with context.)

TImeline update (18 July)

Note: the loss of the Fedora Program Manager role as well as the Red Hat funded position to help with Code of Conduct issues[1] has temporarily stalled this work. We’ll pick it up again after Flock, though!


Current Topics: Objective & Impact feedback and Discussion

Please start with Fedora Strategy 2028: Focus Area review guidelines, and then dive into the individual Focus Areas:

Next posts coming soon!

Rough Schedule for Future Posts

Upcoming Objective & Impact feedback and discussion

Timeframe: February – September

Each topic will give a little more explanation into what each means, and then … we’ll talk. I’m planning on just one post for the a11y topics, because I think they’re connected particularly tightly. The rest will three separate topics — if things go as planned,[2] I’ll schedule them for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week. We’ll have a month of discussion for each topic[3] and then two weeks for the Council to create a final[4] version.

When the following posts are available, I’ll move them to the section above.

Theme: We build on the success of Fedora.next.

Finding Leaders

Timeframe: September, October

We plan to find a specific person to be responsible for each Objective, as well as an Executive Sponsor from the Council for each. We’ll talk about this more as we get to May… probably not a topic for each, but… maybe! We will also think about the initiatives, projects, and programs that each Objective will require — the Outputs and Activities columns in the Logic Model. Those probably will be individual topics. (I’ll update this section as we get closer.)

Completing the Model

Timeframe: November, December

Council approval of Outputs and their links to the Objectives.

Complete definition of Activities and Resources for each Output.

Outlines for expected projects, programs, and initiatives related to all of this.

Scheduling Everything

Timeframe: January

  • ?

Announcing the Plan

Timeframe: February, March,…

  • No DevConf in February…

  • Other messaging

Earlier Discussion


Completed Focus Area Reviews

Theme: Fedora is for everyone

Theme: Fedora leads in Linux distribution development.

Theme: We build on the success of Fedora.next


  1. fortunately, the amazing and dedicated people who had these jobs are still around Fedora! ↩︎

  2. You know what they say about plans… ↩︎

  3. Each will be set to close automatically — if you have something to add after that point, create a linked topic as followup ↩︎

  4. As noted in the Roadmap post, “final” in the sense of “this is the plan we’re deciding on now” — of course we’ll adjust over the next five years ↩︎

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