Fedora Strategy 2028: Focus area review (Technology Innovation & Leadership)

We’re working on Fedora Strategy 2028 — our next five-year plan. We are now reviewing those Objectives and their associated Impact. Read this guide for details on the current planning phase.

Focus Area: Technology Innovation & Leadership

This continues the theme of leadership — this time, technical leadership, embracing the “Features” and “First” foundations. As with the previous focus area under this theme, there are many different things we could do. We’ve selected some which we think will have a big impact, will drive contributor growth[1] — and which, pragmatically, we believe we can effectively accomplish.

In addition to the three proposed by the Council, we also have another suggestion to evaluate (see below). And I’ve heard of at least one other idea which might fit a as well. The strategy2028 draft already has a lot of parts, and I don’t want the plan to grow much larger, but let’s worry first about the ideas on their own merit on this basis, and then we’ll figure out how to fit together the things we decide.

Objectives & Impact

Objective Impact
Fedora is a popular source for containers and Flatpaks. Fedora is a trusted source of software beyond our own base OS, reaching more users and potential contributors.
Immutable variants are the majority of Fedora Linux in use. New way of doing things brings excitement and new energy.
We integrate programming language stack ecosystems. Developers choose Fedora Linux because we provide a straightforward programming environment that works the way they expect.

Additional (or alternate) proposal

Bonus: Fedora Strategy 2028 Proposal: Address the security concerns from the privacy community

The work at hand:

  1. In this topic, discuss the overall focus area and how the three Objective / Impact pairs fit in. If you think we should re-word or re-orient “Reaching the World” to better describe the concept, this is the place. It’s also where we want to identify any crucial alternate or missing Objective / Impact ideas that fit the focus. Please review “What if something is missing?” — we already have an ambitious plan, so ideally we should now be looking at adjusting alignment and scope rather than brainstorming new ideas. But if there’s something very important that we’re missing, now is definitely better than later.
  2. In separate topics per Objective (and associated Impact), discuss and validate each:
  3. Also consider this proposed Objective Fedora Strategy 2028 Proposal: Address the security concerns from the privacy community

As outlined in the roadmap, this post will close in one month.

  1. in line with the strategic Guiding Star! ↩︎

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A thought after writing the various Objective posts: I think this should be reordered so it goes:

  1. Packaging language stacks
  2. Containers/Flatpaks
  3. Immutable OS

Each has a stand-alone impact, but they also connect: easier language stack packaging will make our container and flatpak content story better, which in turn will strengthen our ability to default to variants which depend on containerized content.

I agree with these objectives and impacts. My only reservation is naming a specific implementation in the objective (Flatpak) rather than a generic term for what those are. However, I am not going to push back on that. If everyone else wants to say Flatpak, that’s fine.

The main idea here that I see captured is Fedora leading with new and exciting technology, which I think is what we want.

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This is a better ordering.

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