Fedora Strategy 2028: Focus area review (Community Sustainability)

We’re working on Fedora Strategy 2028 — our next five-year plan. We are now reviewing those Objectives and their associated Impact. Read this guide for details on the current planning phase.

Focus Area: Community Sustainability

This area is the first part of the theme “Fedora leads in Linux distribution development.”[1] Because

  • Fedora is a community,
  • everything we do is community oriented,
  • and growing that community is our Guiding Star for Strategy 2028,

these Objectives are particularly fundamental to success of this entire plan.

There are many other possible goals which fit under Community Sustainability, but we picked these in particular because they are places where we can explore big, meaningful improvements and create models for other project to follow. (Of course, we should learn from other projects doing cool things in these areas too — innovation is the theme, but not just for its own sake. It’s the results that matter.)

Objectives & Impact

Objective Impact
Everyone in Fedora has a mentor, and everyone in Fedora is a mentor. Better onboarding. Growth for current contributors. Continuity of expertise and reduced lottery factor.
We have insight into community health and trends through meaningful metrics. We know where we’re succeeding — and what needs help. By measuring more than git commits, we can highlight more than coding.
Modernize our communications tooling An easier, more friendly face for the project, and higher quality discussion for all, leading to increased involvement and engagement.

The work at hand:

  1. In this topic, discuss the overall focus area and how the three Objective / Impact pairs fit in. If you think we should re-word or re-orient “Reaching the World” to better describe the concept, this is the place. It’s also where we want to identify any crucial alternate or missing Objective / Impact ideas that fit the focus. Please review “What if something is missing?” — we already have an ambitious plan, so ideally we should now be looking at adjusting alignment and scope rather than brainstorming new ideas. But if there’s something very important that we’re missing, now is definitely better than later.
  2. In separate topics per Objective (and associated Impact), discuss and validate each:

As outlined in the roadmap, this post will close in one month.

  1. The theme “Fedora Leads in Linux distribution development” was meant to be understood as “we demonstrate leadership in the primary thing that we do — being a Linux distro project”. See these previous comments on rewording the theme itself — we felt like “Linux distro space” was to jargony. And something like “Leads as a Linux distribution” can be misread as meaning “most popular”. Any suggestions? ↩︎

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