Strategy 2028: October already? What's going on? What happens next?

Hi everyone!

At the beginning of the year, after the Fedora Council meeting after FOSDEM, the outlook was bright for developing our ambitious strategy for the next five years. We started with the different areas we identified as important based on community feedback, and began to shape those into Objectives, each tied to an intended Impact. I put together a roadmap for going from there to a full logic model

… and then we hit some unexpected and unexplored terrain, with corporate layoffs and other, well, you know, corporate stuff. So, the work got stalled.

It’s time to restart! In the next week or so, I’m going to post the remaining focus area (“Ecosystem Connections”) from the previous roadmap, as well as a post about some of the things that have come up in discussion and since then which we may have missed.

Then, sometime soon[1] I’ll be able to announce that Red Hat has hired someone for the new Fedora Operations Architect role. More about that very soon, but… this extra full-time support will really help in making this work possible.

I’ll be at All Things Open in Raleigh, North Caroline in a few weeks, along with Fedora Community Architect Justin Flory and [Name Withheld]. We’ve planned for a few days after the conference where we’re going to work on a proposed new roadmap. We’ll bring that back to the full Fedora Council and the community at large, and we’ll continue from there — locking in concrete Objectives, determining priorities and how things fit together, and finding leaders for each Objective.

The goal remains the same, though: let’s let’s double the number of contributors active every week by 2028.

In the next two weeks before then, I’d love to hear your input. Where would you like the process to go? Which of the focus areas we’ve already discussed do you think should be top priority, in order to get us to that goal? I think all of these things are important, and I think everything we’ve listed will help — but it’s also quite broad. Are there areas we should really, really focus on? And, although I kind of hate to say it… are there really crucial things we’re missing? (As I mentioned, I’ll have an upcoming post about that.)

What do you think should be next?

  1. yes, I may have buried the lede here; stay tuned for more formal announcements ↩︎