Fedora 40 Kde Spin X11 doesn't exist

I cant see x11 in login screen(SDDM). Is there a way to install x11 for kde plasma? it is buggy with some softwares with wayland. Or should I wait for 3 days until stable relase?

Plasma 6, which is shipped with Fedora 40 KDE Spin , is Wayland only.

The release iso ready and you can already get it at Index of /pub/alt/stage/40_RC-1.14/Spins/x86_64/iso

Yes I got it and installed with that but it is not working well on my system. Too many bugs and many softwares are flickering, closing. Ist here a way to install x11 for kde?

I think this is the package for KDE x11


Kde plasma version on f40 is 6.0.4 and lkas in this link is 6.0.3 can I still install that?

What hardware do you have? What is the output of inxi -Fzxx?

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You may try installing version 6.0.3, and if it does not work, version 6.0.4 is currently in testing and should be available soon. I think the release is delayed because plasma-workspace-x11 is no longer maintained by Fedora KDE SIG.

This version is maintained by individual Fedora packagers and NOT supported by
the Fedora KDE SIG. (See plasma-workspace-wayland for the default version, using
Wayland, maintained by the KDE SIG.)

Does anyone know what time fedora 40 will be released over in america.
Because as I type this note it is 7.05pm on the 23 April ( Australia ).
And from what I have seen on the net f40 should be released today 23/04/24.
I already have Fedora-Cinnamon-Live-x86_64-40-1.14.iso , and from what I have read on the net , this will be the Final Release of Fedora 40.

Fedora Linux Release Life Cycle :: Fedora Docs says:
The schedule for the release currently under development is on its release schedule page. Beta and General Availability (final) releases happen at approximately 14:00 UTC.

You don’t have to wait though, you can download your iso at Test Results:Fedora 40 RC 1.14 Desktop - Fedora Project Wiki. This is the iso that will be released.

That is the release version. The beta versions have “Beta” in the name. For those running f40-Beta it went into post-beta mode some days ago and many packages are already post-release version from fedora-updates.

Hello, any idea on when the 6.0.4 version will be out of testing and ready for install? Will the new version just overwrite 6.0.3?

Forget my last message it is running again now.

Which software?

Thank you very much, it’s worked to me!

I’m not a KDE user, but here is what someone else said they did and X11 is working perfectly for them in KDE 6:

“install plasma-workspace-x11 and sddm-x11 packages (after removing the sddm-wayland-plasma package),”

not sure if you should remove sddm-wayland if you’re still gonna use it

Just install plasma-workspace-x11 then x11 will appear in the session selector on the login screen.

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Tx. I just did that and version 6.0.4 is now available through dnf. I tried Wayland for a few days but I think the XWayland alternative is not mature yet. Got a lot of flickering in DaVinciResolve, and even XTerm. Disabling Screentearing and setting the refresh rate from 60 Hz to 50 helped a bit but not completely.

So I am on X11 now again and everything is stable again!

I will try Wayland a while later, for now I am glad that plasma X11 is still there! I feared I would need to switch to Gnome X11 but fortunately not.

Tx and have a nice day!

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Do you have a NVIDIA GPU, per chance?

If so, check Wayland again once the NVIDIA 555 driver is out (give it another month). Those issues should be gone.

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Glad I could be helpful. I hate Gnome.

Yes, I have Nvidia and tx, I already read your comment about the 555 Driver from over here,

So I’ll give it an other try when the 555 Driver is out!

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