KDE/4k/Nvidia - Very concerned about F40 - Wayland is unusable for me

I’m using Fedora Workstation right now, but on my other computer I run Arch with KDE 6 on Wayland on a 4K Screen with my NVIDIA GPU and have since it came out. It works quite well, but XWayland applications (such as Steam, Krita, etc.) flicker a lot: Immense store flicker on Nvidia Wayland · Issue #10313 · ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux · GitHub

This issue is due to lack of Explicit Sync support, but that protocol was merged last month, and NVIDIA’s 555 proprietary driver will have support for it. The stable version of that driver will be out within the next 2 months.

XWayland applications can be scaled by KWin, but they’re likely to be blurry. What I do in KDE is turn off scaling for XWayland applications and let them scale themselves, if they can. It works well for Steam, though Krita can’t scale itself in quite the right way.

Wayland doesn’t have any color management either and calibration tools like DisplayCAL can’t calibrate the screen.

Those are the remaining issues for me. This page lists some significant issues with Plasma’s Wayland session.