KDE/4k/Nvidia - Very concerned about F40 - Wayland is unusable for me

Hi all,

I know this comes up a lot but just wondered what others felt about this.

I cannot use Wayland ever since moving to Fedora 39. It logs the session into a black screen for me. This is after several driver and kernel versions. KDE is really the desktop that I use and want to continue with but concerned that F40 will not be feasible. Does anyone know for sure if I can keep the X11 session after the upgrade or if anyone is having a good experience with a similar set up to mine?

I have been very impressed with the desktop experience with 4k and X11 the scaling (200%) works perfectly and everything looks consistent. When I was able to log into wayland (occasionally), the scaling was all over the place.

Just curious how others with 4k/KDE/Nvidia are getting on.


Try wiping your user cache ~/.cache and reset to the default breeze theme (including windows decorations and cursor). There are some issues on Plasma 5, but plasma 6 should be much better.

But yes you can keep X11 but it’s not really supported.

Yes, you can. A member of the community was concerned about X11 support
being dropped from KDE and came up with a solution.

Not all the pieces needed are in place and enabled yet, but the required
packages should be available already.

See this mailing list

for the plan and try to ignore all the noise around it. The Copr repo
isn’t there yet, but if you are going to upgrade before it is, you can
simply (re-)install plasma-workspace-x11 package post upgrade.

Thanks all for the replies. I will be cautiously optimistic for F40.