Fedora 35: KDE plasma on wayland is still not working with my GeForce RTX 2060

I upgraded to Fedora 35 yesterday. However, KDE plasma on wayland is still not working on my GeForce RTX 2060 (with the proprietary nvidia (kernel) drivers from akmod-nvidia and xorg-x11-drv-nvidia).

My system crashes when I try to log in from sddm (i.e. no improvement w.r.t. Fedora 34).

At least, I would like to improve the situation by providing a bug report to the fedora project. However, gnome-abrt does not allow that because the report would ‘not provide enough useful information’.

I would appreciate any guidance for manually write a useful bug report.

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It’s not really a Fedora problem it’s more of an Nvidia and Wayland don’t yet work well together.You might file an issue with Nvidia or Kde but I’m sure they already know the issues.

Well, this question was not intended to raise a flame about nvidia. Contrariwise, I’m quite comfortable with the RTX card. Yes, if you are only in need of graphical output, even I would choose AMD. However, I have choosen nvidia because of

  • Number-crunching, AI, and NN, pytorch, tensorflow etc. simply needs nvidia (and I’m in need of that)
  • No problems with KDE Plasma on X11 for more than 2 years now
  • Even Gnome/Wayland works sometimes (not for daily use)

Alot of us here use Nvida and have for many many years.If you wish to file a bug in Fedora this site would be a good place to start
Something bugging you in Fedora Linux? Let's get it fixed! - Fedora Magazine.

I am not an expert on this but can you submit a bug on that?

Since the proprietary drivers are not part of Fedora, will they accept a bug on that?

plasma actually has does support wayland + nvidia proprietary drivers. See the wiki for more info:

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Nvidia GPUs do not have a problem in linux. The nvidia proprietary drivers work extremely well in linux. After all, they are written by nvidia for use in linux with X11.

The issue is simply that the nvidia drivers work with X (they are written for use with X) but are flaky with wayland. Since the drivers are proprietary and wayland is open source it is difficult to fix the wayland interaction. Wayland is the new kid on the block with changes happening all the time and nvidia does not directly support it. X11 has been stable for many years.

If you are determined to use wayland then use the open source nouveau driver and realize that some of the advanced features of the GPU will not be available. If you can accept using X then use the nvidia driver and have the full features of the GPU available.

It really boils down to what performance you demand of the GPU.
Full features -----> Use nvidia and X11
Limited functionality ----> use nouveau and wayland.

Wait there are lots of wayland improvements done to the Plasma 25 Anniversary Edition wait for the update for kde and nvidia have issues because they don’t make source code open for drivers so it never run smooth for most linux distros specially fedora due to there only opensource.

Update: With the latest updates for f35, ‘plasma on wayland’ is working on my RTX 2060! However, mouse click events most of the time took more than 2 seconds for being processed. Hence the system is not suited for daily use, but (at least) I can see some progress compared to f34.

Well, still no idea how to report problems on ‘plasma on wayland’, though…

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You can post feedback here for problem or feature requests

I also have crash soon after wayland session login with Fedora 35 (Kinoite), Plasma 5.23, Nouveau and NVidia GeForce GTX 1060. No problems when running X11. Seems like we need to wait while these bugs are being worked out. Hope it does not take too long.

Wayland for plasma is still experimental but 5.23 make lots of improvement and 24 will improve more so we have to wait but x11 works well for now you can try when your device is working with wayland and plasma…

Hi folks, new here. It’s a great community and I apreciate a lot to read the nice postings.
I contibute to this thread, because I have an nvidia card (gtx 1650).
My experience is similar to some of the posters here.
I began with Fedora in January, due to installing it a new desktop from HP. It took me a lot of reading to have it working like Ubuntu for example (had it before on teh old comp for years).
One of the problmes has been, that under nouveau the system often came to freeze.
After installing the special drivers nvidia evverything woks well.
Weeks ago I updated to F35. After that I gave Wayland under Plasma a try. But it was horrible. Every mouse action is very slow. And the usage of programs the same. I went back to Plasma with X11.
I want to know, what the advantages of Wayland are.


welcome to fedora community.

Here you can learn it

Some note wayland is more secure in nature than x

frankjunior: thank you very much.

As an experiment, I removed my NVidia card and ran KDE Plasma wayland session with just onboard Intel graphics. It works very well and have not noticed any problems. Before with NVidia and Nouveau drivers it was very slow and crashed a lot. What I don’t understand is why Gnome with NVidia card and Nouveau drivers is stable but Plasma is not. It seems that KDE Plasma’s interaction with the wayland display server is somehow the problem since Gnome works fine. Is this the right conclusion?

I said it is experimental stage like beta in software it is usable .plasma with wayland is not very stable in all hardware but it is slowing reaching the level so as you have said it is runing fine with onboard graphics and maybe you know nvidia drivers are not opensource so implementing them in linux is hard so maybe with in next release or two you will be able to use kde with nvidia they are working.* yes gnome is stable with nvidia wayland with proprietary drivers. Now you can give them a note about this issue so that thay fix it efficiently.

Provide them your cpu gpu and os and kde version and kernel v.

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