Fedora 35 wake from suspend, Yoga 6 Lenovo, AMD

On a 13ARE06 Lenovo Yoga, AMD chips. The problem with waking after closing the lid for over a few minutes is much worse than it was with Fedora 34 where you got a couple of grace turns when the pc would wake, and then fail. Now, unfailingly, you have to force turn off the pc from the first time you open it.

I am having the same issue - after upgrading to Fedora 35, system will not wake up from suspend. Running a HP Envy x360, Ryzen 5 AMD/Renoir.

Can you try logging into GNOME under Xorg to see if the issue persists? I only have the issue when logged into GNOME on Wayland. Xorg does not give me any sleep issues at all.

It does not appear to be a kernel issue, as rolling back the kernel to what F34 had does not fix the issue, and as I said above, logging into GNOME on Xorg has the sleep/suspend working fine.

I tried X11 -but for starters the 3-finger swap stops working. Having Fedora on the Yoga 6 is kind of an academic exercise for me. I have been doing perfect dual booting in a MacBook Air -with Intel chips- for long time. If I have a problem with F35 there I will report it here