Trouble waking from suspend

I had installed Fedora (first F36) on my MacBook Pro 2015 (13" so no Nvidia GPU). My main problem with it currently is the way it wakes from suspend (more on that below). I updated to F37 hoping that the newer kernel could fix this and some other more minor issues I have (like Wi-Fi adapter stopping to work sometimes after suspend), but unfortunately the issues persisted.

This is how it happens:
Sometimes everything is good. I press touchpad/some key, I am greeted with login screen immediately and everything’s smooth.
But sometimes it simply doesn’t happen. I press all the keys I can think of and nothing happens (I know that the laptop is on because my touchpad isn’t physical, so I wouldn’t be able to press it if it was powered off). And then it depends on my luck. It could wake up in a couple of minutes, or I could be pressing keys in intervals of 5 mins and would have to wait for 20 mins.

Interestingly enough, the first time I tried to debug it I found nothing in the journalctl (I used it without sudo that time though, not sure if it matters). Like I pressed keys at time X, the laptop would wake up at X+10 mins, and I would only see records for X+10 mins, like my key presses never actually happened.
But this time I checked journalctl again and found records throughout all the times I pressed the keys (and the laptop didn’t wake from suspend). Here are the logs, starting with the last lines of putting the laptop into suspend, then something happening (or failing) when I press the keys, and the last lines being it finally waking up.

Edit: I noticed a very important pattern. It seems that whenever the laptop goes to sleep on its own, everything’s good, and it wakes up normally afterwards. But if I close the lid or press the power button myself, then it will take a lot of time to wake up.
Or maybe it’s this way because it doesn’t actually go into suspend on its own, at first it just turns off the screen, and only after some time it goes to suspend. And the times it wakes up normally, it just wasn’t suspended.

I’m not sure if there’s such thing as bump, but I’m writing this message in hope it will make more people to see my question since I’m desperate now.

I’m having exactly the same problem. Maybe some update will fix it in the future. By now I’m just avoiding to suspend the system.
Have you found any solution?