Macbook won't wake from suspend

I’ve just installed Fedora 37 on my 12" Retina Macbook 2017 (not Pro, not Air, Intel i5). I had to install 36 first and upgrade because of a bug preventing the 37 iso from properly writing the bootloader.

I’m new to Linux and honestly pretty basic in my needs. I just wanted to try something different on a secondary laptop. Nearly everything is working well right now, except one major issue: when I close the lid and/or click the Suspend option, the laptop effectively dies. Black screen, no signs of life, won’t wake up (either using the built-in keyboard or a hardwired external one). I have to long-press the physical power button to (I assume) force it to shut down, then wait a few second, and power it on again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Please have a look here:

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