F36 Waking from sleep is broken

Hello! Fedora 36 KDE spin works perfectly for me until I make my laptop go to sleep. After waking it up, I see:

  • A black screen with only a cursor (if I make my laptop go to sleep directly), or
  • A blinking underscore only, which doesn’t accept input (if I use tty Ctrl+Alt+3), or
  • A login screen, which freezes after I input my password (if I lock my laptop first and then make it sleep)

I am using x11, but have the same issue when I use Wayland. I’m also using integrated graphics (Intel Xe) with OpenGL.

Previous forum threads involve black screens on first booting up, not after waking from sleep. A workaround is to simply never make my laptop sleep, but I’d prefer to find a fix other than hard rebooting every time.

Please tell me any files or settings I should upload, thanks!

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Hi @fedorausrmel Welcome.
Some laptops will wake up by closing and opening the lid. (that is a workaround for my laptop, as mentioned by the makers.)

Me too.
However my wake from sleep is broken differently. My laptop is running f-36 Gnome with no plugins or extensions. It wakes up from “lid close sleep” but less than a minute later the screen goes black and it is asleep again. If I wake it up and let it do this repeatedly it happens quicker and quicker. This laptop had the same problem with sleep running Ubuntu 20.
“Suspend” from the power menu is more stable… but I don’t count on it.
These should be the same behavior, but are clearly NOT. I think it is kernel deep and varies by hardware. I wish somebody would figure it out.

I just tested this… I have a keyboard shortcut that sends [ systemctl suspend -i ] and goes to sleep. this takes a few seconds, but is stable and effective on my hardware. If I hit the keys and close the lid before it executes it does the unstable thing I described first above.
Maybe I am using sleep vs. suspend incorrectly. I see them as functionally the same. I’m not even talking about hibernate. That is very different.