Fedora (F32 k-5.11.16+, F33,) 34 KDE - sleep/suspend broken, mainly, plus various other issues

Changes from Fedora 32 (–> 33 very briefly) → 34
On an HP Envy x360 with an AMD Ryzen 2500U

Last version, with everything working properly (except minor issues): kernel-core-5.11.15-100.fc32.x86_64 . Everything since, all later Fedora 32 kernel updates (up to end support with latest 5.11.22-100.fc32 iirc) including upgrade to Fedora 33 and 34, is broken (as of time of writing 5.12.10-300.fc34.x86_64).
Sleep/suspend is broken. Seems everything software finishes all steps correctly, but last final signal to hardware to switch state fails. Same with poweroff signal. Reboot works correctly though. So workaround when wanting to poweroff without forcing by powerbutton holding, is to reboot then press powerbutton during BIOS.
Lid close is broken, regardless of ‘power management’ settings (do nothing || turn off screen || sleep). If closing lid so screen and keyboard turn off, when opening again, computer is in a state similar to if not t same, to t failed suspend and poweroff - black screen and completely unresponsive.

Copypaste sometimes broken inter programs (while intra program working). Firefox to Kate, sometimes; restarting FireFox fixes, definitely is related to “move tabs to new window”. Into KeePassXC seems always.

(Seems false positive.
A bit into using F34, after clicking/browsing into Wallet in settings for t first time, but without changing anything, it started popping up asking for my password every time Wi-Fi is to be connected to automatically upon fresh boot.)

General issues and not change from F32-F34, somewhat often tri-finger-tap breaks/disappears (not fixable by changing/toggling input settings), often noticed broken (and rarely reversed/unbroken) after suspend, but can rarely aswell mid-session break and unbreak.
Some boots (maybe 1/20) touchpad is inactive/disabled/dead.

‘Open in folder’ tray popup when connecting a device, opens a new Dolphin (file manager) window, instead of new tab.
General issues and not change from F32-F34, phone with MTP doesn’t work, workaround open new file manager window.
General issues and not change from F32-F34, MTP thumbnails do not work (while working in Windows and Ubuntu).
Tabs kept from previously mounted drives switch to Homefolder when device not found, instead of keeping t address (latter is useful to have a location persistently saved for convenience).

Volume in tray no longer has a direct easily accessible 150% override option/checkbox, have to take many steps into sound settings.
Related and not change from F32-F34, almost always headphone sound is implicitly/invisibly reduced at ~50% volume independent of explicit/visible volume setting, sometimes (maybe when booting with headphones connected) it is at proper 100%.
General issues and not change from F32-F34. Microphone device names very unclear. And laptop internal microphone seems unusable due to picking up computers own noise.

Brighness state no longer remembered, always boots to about 10-15%.

Update in tray, no longer shows a useful popup list, instead only links/opens KDE Discover (similar to GNOME Software), which in turn takes absurdly/unreasonably long time to check for updates for some reason.

Kate, no more dynamic word wrap easily accessible on F10.

Program tray, timed hover popup collides/interferes/breaks with right-click pupup menu. Regardless of order opened, both cases nearly unusable.

General issues and not change from F32-F34, OS does not remember window psition, dimensions and fullscreen/windowed state.

KDE discover is taking annoyingly longer time for me too. While dnf update works fast