Fedora 34, Yoga 6 suspend by closing lid crashes system

Again, newbie here. I tested and installed Fedora 34 and it works wonderfully, (the track pad!) but after every second time you close the lid you have to force it shut down after you open it again, as it is totally unresponsive.
So for now just shut down and start it again every time I have to close the lid.
A report was sent that says it has “tainted kernel”. I have screenshots, in case anybody pleases…

Did you see this?

I think your problem goes in the same direction.

I erased the partition where I placed Fedora on this PC and replaced it with Ubuntu. Same crippling problem -to -a -tee. Seems to be a Lenovo issue. I have Linux in an HP BookPro and a MacBook Air, and nothing resembling this problem

Wait a sec, are you two familiar with the infamous “S3 suspend fix” (that’s a keyword search clue) on some Lenovos? This problem definitely occurs with the Yoga 6 13ARE05’s.

And be aware that all of the 5.11 kernel updates so far re-break even the “fix”.

good luck,

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Yes, I already figured I bought the wrong laptop for dual booting. From what I read, the ball seems to be in AMD’s court and a BIOS update

I have this laptop, and I’m dual booting it with Windows 10 and
F33. It’s an awesome setup, but you have to do the fix… and, for the
time-being, avoid kernels newer than 5.10.x.

Good luck!