Fedora 34 - Sleep-wake-sleep-wake with the lid closed

When I close the lid of my laptop, it sleeps but comes back on about 30 seconds later. It goes back to sleep 20 seconds after that and just keeps cycling on and off. It’s easy to test by opening up a video or song and closing the lid.

I went to bugzilla to report this, but the reporting process was a little over my head.
This seems to be a Kernel 5.11 issue more than a Fedora 34 issue as I’ve seen the same thing happen when using that kernel in Manjaro Gnome.

What’s the best way to report this to the appropriate party?

Thanks for your help!

Just do the best you can. If you can find someone else with the same problem and tack a “me too” onto it, that works too. I just did a search for such a problem a I found this:


If you can verify that that is the same problem by successfully implementing the same workaround, then I’d just post a sort comment describing you hardware and kernel version and say that you too are seeing this problem.

P.S. I also found this one:


One of the last comments in the above report suggests that the problem could be due to buggy firmware. Can you update your PC’s firmware? Maybe check by running fwupdmgr get-devices?