Suspend to RAM issues

I’ve installed Fedora 35 on my HP EliteBook 850 G8 after I have not used any Linux on a workstation for several years. It works quite well despite these two suspend issues which I’m not able to resolve:

  1. Looks like system is crashing when I close the laptop’s lid while it is running. There is no reaction when I try to wake the system up afterwards. Only full shutdown is possible by pressing the power button longer. When I send the system to supend before closing the lid, it is able to resume.

  2. When the machine is in suspend mode for a longer time (several hours), it is also not possible to resume it.

Any ideas where to begin troubleshooting these issues?



If your system is able to suspend, my guess is when you close the lid (without sending to suspend), it go to hibernate mode. It’s also consistent with after long suspend, it also not able to wake up since there a setting to hibernate after certain period of suspend.

I believe there a way to change the setting via GUI, but fortunately I don’t know how to do it on GUI.

But if you want edit it on non GUI, first I suggest disable the hibernate.

$ sudo nano  /etc/systemd/sleep.conf

Uncomment line below and change the value to no.


Then save it with ctrl+x, type y and enter.

After that you could change the behavior when close the laptop lid.

$ sudo nano /etc/systemd/logind.conf

Uncomment line below and change the value to ignore or suspend


Save it with ctrl+x, type y and enter.


Hi Syaifur,

thanks for the quick reply but unfortunately this did not solve the issue.
But getting to know that sleep and lid status is nowadays handeled by systemd (systemd did not even exist when I had linux on a workstation the last time :smile: ) it pointed me to some other aspects:

The issue only happens approx. every third time I try to suspend the system.

I found something related on the Kernel mailinglist: Re: [PATCH] ACPI: PM: s2idle: Invoke _PTS for s2idle — Linux Kernel and looks like this solves at least my problem with closing the lid for now. After I deactivated the 4G modem in the BIOS (I anyway do not need it) I could close and reopen the lid 8 times in a row so far without crashing.

Going to bed now and the night will bring the answer whether the problem with the long suspend is also solved with that.

Jan, you are amazing ! :slight_smile:

I almost gave up on my HP 840 G8. First I managed to get rid of suspend at all, but got hibernation working (wasn’t bad instead of shutting down every time). And now after reinstall instead of going through all the “tweaks” again, gave another shot and Boom! I played around a couple of times and it looks like disabling the 4G modem in the BIOS fixed resume from suspend freezing for me.

I saw there were a lot of ppl struggling from the same issue, hopefully they will find this info too.
Cheers !