Fedora 35 live USB not booting

Good idea.

I don’t think it will take months, Like I said, I don’t have any issues with my AMD CPU which is a Ryzen 6 core 12 thread beastie with builtin GPU cores. So, I think there may be another issue happening in your case.

Laptop hardware is harder to get compatibility for compared to desktop, maybe due to less standardization, I don’t know.

I’ll assume what you’re saying is true and try again sometime in December then, instead of February as I originally planned; hope it works for me by then :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for your time, everyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sure try again, but do it daily for awhile. Fedora updates regularily throughout a release cycle, so what you’re facing today, very likely will work sooner than in a month.