Live boot 'Install Fedora' - no window opens for install process - Finis

I’ve booted with a live image Fedora 35, 36, and 37. In all cases, when I click to ‘Install’, the cursor will spin for a little while and then nothing. I’ve used a DVD (from a magazine). I’ve also used the Fedora Media Writer (for USB install). I’ve generated logs with inxi -Fxz. fpaste was also run.
I already have Mint, Debian and Ubuntu installed with no problems (Windows 11 also). I don’t think it’s related but I’ve also had problems/failures with openSuse, Rocky and Alma.

Are other things broken in the Live system? Are you booting from a USB memory “key”, DVD, or something else?

The problem is probably related to an unusual hardware configuration. You can post details here, and hope someone recognizes the problem and knows a solution. You can also check for your hardware in the Linux Hardware Database. This may help identify problematic hardware.